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Hi, I am Matt,
Since 1995 I have worked as a multimedia developer, graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, project and department manager. This page contains a few examples of the many projects I contributed to. You can also browse my résumé, read my 'blog or learn more about me. I am always adding to this site so please e-mail me with any comments or questions.

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Department Management

Multimedia and Graphics Department Manager

Description: From 2002 to 2010 I worked as a multimedia developer, division supervisor, and from 2005 to 2010, as multimedia and graphics department manager at a national software company. Over the years there, I worked on a wide variety of projects in roles from photographer and graphic & web designer to project manager. I even designed and equipped the purpose-built office space and studio for the multimedia and graphics department.

Role: Prior to 2005, I supervised 2 separate divisions, the Multimedia and the product UI Design Divisions. I recruited, trained and supervised Multimedia and Design staff. Evaluated staff member performance and recommended increases, bonuses, disciplinary, termination actions as appropriate. Tracked all multimedia and design projects and produced a weekly report to management team and bi-weekly report to upper management, as well as managing the projects of both divisions. I also wrote first drafts of staff evaluations, recommended increases, and provisioned the divisions.   

As manager I was directly responsible for the operations of the multimedia and graphics department. This included working with the property management design team to construct new offices and studio for the new department. As before I supervised staff, recruited new staff, continued a vigorous training regime and remained lead designer and developer.  I also acted as project manager for all department productions coordinating with stakeholders, talent, vendors and management team. I hired and directed contractors, managed equipment, selected vendors, oversaw procurement and managed department budgets.

Technologies: SharePoint, Word, Excel, Project, PowerPoint, Outlook, Entourage, RightNow CX CP, Lithium Idealab, EPMlive WorkEngine, and Mercury/HP ITG (now HP PPMC) Flash, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Personnel skills: leadership, strategic vision and tactical planning, mentor, trainer, creativity, positivity, empathy, determination, sys admin, problem solving, logic, bias towards action, project management, customer advocacy, critical review and cost value & ROI analysis. 

Return on Investment: By consolidating creative resources made many tasks such as web site and product design much more efficient. Web designers and developers were able to work more closely and cross train to support one another and improve product development procedures. Integrated Product design allowed the company to rapidly adopt multiple software development methodologies such as CMMI, ITG, Agile, Waterfall, and Agile SCRUM. I must say it was my privilege and very rewarding to assemble, mentor and work with this talented, creative, and productive group for over 8 years!

Project Management

IntranetBuddy - Adobe Air / Microsoft® SharePoint® CMS / 3rd. Party Integration

Content Large Image Description: The IntranetBuddy is an AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) based productivity app that gives rapid, lightweight one stop access to many 3rd party productivity and SAS utilities otherwise accessed via the Microsoft® SharePoint® based intranet. The IntranetBuddy also accesses critical customer, company and product data faster than launching SharePoint® in Internet Explorer®. If access to SharePoint CMS data is disrupted the IntranetBuddy can access a local automatic backup allowing staff to continue working during emergencies.

Technologies: Adobe AIR desktop app, developed in Flash, accesses various Microsoft® SharePoint® Content Management System (CMS) customer, staff and procedure data & documents. Provides secure access into Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Web Access, Project Web Access, Mercury ITG (Now HP PPMC®), RightNow Technologies CRM desktop, and ADP® timekeeping system.

Audience: Internal, personnel with Intranet accounts.

Role: As project manager, and business analyst worked with Intranet & Business Processes teams to define requirements and manage development and upgrades. Also contributed to the graphic design.

Return on Investment: The "Internet Buddy" was used by over a hundred staff , dozens of times per day and is credited with saving the company dozens of staff hours per week and over a thousand staff hours per year.

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InternetBuddy InternetBuddy InternetBuddy InternetBuddy InternetBuddy InternetBuddy InternetBuddy InternetBuddy

Developer (RNT-CP, PHP, JS, HTML, CSS)

Support Center - RIGHTNOW Customer Relationship Management Portal

Content Large Image Description: I developed Rapattoni Support Center web portal based on the RightNow CX Customer Portal. Every customer was supported as a unique organization. Each customer had two user roles with separate features & access privileges. To do this I streamlined the page flow to remove unnecessary elements.  Then I added a dynamic page, accessible by only one user role, to display one of several custom reports selected using a pull-down menu. The page featured searching and pagination controls for each report. The menu also accessed a third party forum created in Lithium IdeaLab. In addition I customized the incident submission flow.   

Technologies: RightNow® Technologies CX & Customer Portal with custom reports, modified using CSS, PHP and JS

Audience: Customer facing

Role: I was the portal project manager and developer. I worked with the business processes, support teams & other stakeholders to define requirements, business rules and did all the custom programming.

Return on Investment: The CP went from 9% to over 20% call & e-mail deflection in the first year and continued to increase thru the end of 2010. The modified CP is saving thousands of staff & customer man-hours per year, shortening issue resolution time and improving customer experience.

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Graphic Designer, Project Manager, Photographer

Company Holiday Cards

Content Large Image Description: The largest single marketing print campaign every year was the annual holiday card. The holiday card not only had a photo of every member of the staff but had photos of events throughout the year. In 2008 we also did an e-card greeting.

Technologies: Photography including live models, events and large groups. Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign production for high quality color digital offset printing.

Scope/Audience: Customers, Vendors, Real Estate Groups, PACs, friends of the company and prospective customers.

Role: I worked on 2003 - 2010 cards as a designer and photographer. I managed the technical production of the 2005 - 2009 cards, including scheduling photo sessions of the each member of the staff for an individual photo as well the company group photo. As manager of the Multimedia and Graphics department I was responsible for creating and maintaining a large inventory of printed materials for marketing, sales and support including the Holiday cards. In addition to managing the various projects, coordinating with vendors, subject matter experts, writers and acting as lead photographer, I created a lot of the artwork and designs.

Return on Investment: Largest marketing campaign of the year, primary opportunity to convey the brand identity and corporate ideals as a family based software as a service provider.

Enjoy the online Holiday Card Archive (you must have Flash installed) or the 2007 e-card, you can also click icons below for more information

Adobe Flash, After Effects, Premiere, Animator Editor, & Producer.

 Marketing/Training Media (Flash Animated)

Description: Web Based Marketing Media Manager: Managed production and animated a series of 4-6 minute, web based marketing animation modules focusing prospective customer attention on critical, high-value product features during vendor competitions contributing to winning several new accounts. Animated several original modules and updated all. Maintained a library of around a dozen modules, but created several dozen modules over my years there. Managed product lifecycle using ADDIE & SDLC. The marketing modules were also valuable for training and were integrated with our web-based products as a supplement to the online training and help systems via the included LMS feature that provided only the appropriate modules based on the users configuration. LMS suggested pertinent module at the point of performance to support the user when they needed it. These modules were animated in Flash using both vector graphics and screen recreations to increase performance, and raster graphics, and some 3D.

Technologies used: HTML, HTML5, wire framing cross-browser authoring, XML, ASP.Net, ASP, iFrames, screen cap, Camtasia, Captivate, Audition, Premiere, After Effects, Flash, Cinema 4D Studio, CSS2, CSS3, JavaScript, performance capture, studio audio recording, script writing & editing, project management.

Return On Investment: Marketing animations focused prospective customer attention on critical, high-value product features during vendor competitions contributing to winning several new accounts. The Marketing Modules also had training value and were integrated into out product LMS and Help Systems to assist users, deflecting incidents from call center and training teams, saving support and training resources.

Watch "Feature Spotlight" Marketing Training Modules - My team and I created these for MLS Product version 10
Watch What's New in Rapattoni MLSv8 - I redesigned the product initially for version 8 & created this Flash animation to unveil the redesign

Adobe Flash, Captivate, Camtasia, After Effects, Project Manager & Producer.

 Web-Based Training/e-Learning Media (Screen captured with synchronized narration)

Description: Web Based Training Media Manager: Managed Production & Co-developed a series of 1-4 minute, accessible web based training animated modules that improved user comprehension. Managed product lifecycle using ADDIE and SDLC. The training modules were developed to support and co-delivered with our Web-Based Products via custom integrated LMS feature that provided only the appropriate modules based on the users configuration, it even suggested critical training modules at the point of performance to support the user where they needed it most. These modules were largely screen capture movies using Camtasia, or Captivate with a voice over captured and edited in Audition or Sound Booth and packaged as FLV delivered in our custom branded dynamic Flash player system architecture we developed.

Technologies used:Technologies used: HTML, HTML5, cross-browser authoring, XML, ASP.Net, ASP, iFrames, Screen Cap, Camtasia, Captivate, Audition, Premiere, After Effects, Flash, Cinema 4D Studio, CSS2, CSS3, JavaScript, performance capture, studio audio recording, script & editing, project management.

Role: Project Manager, script editor, quality assurance, content validator, producer

Return On Investment:Improved web based training decreased the number of support contacts by approximately 20% in first year and also decreased the number of costly customer on-site training events for existing customers. Training events for new customers could also be shortened and streamlined by integrating the training animations. These three benefits saved thousands of dollars in travel costs and hundreds of staff hours per year.

Watch Web Based Training Modules "MLS Show Me Tutorials" Multiple Listing Service product
Watch Web Based Training Modules "Net Magic Show Me Tutorials" Association Management product
Watch Web Based Training Modules "Adaptive Authentication Show Me Tutorial" Identification Security product

Adobe Flash, After Effects, Premiere, Animator Editor, & Producer.

Video (FLV)

Description: Marketing Exhibit High Definition Video:  Corporate Overview Exhibit Booth Video (web presentation)

Microsoft PowerPoint, Office, SharePoint, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, AfterEffects, .

PowerPoint Presentations Events & Meeting Support

Description: Provided and managed technical services & logistical support for regular live events, including off site events where I coordinated with venue staff and transportation vendors. Provided audiovisual, lighting, video recording, photography and presentation graphic design, development & editing. Worked closely with marketing team to design convention exhibit, graphics & media. This included producing several (2-4) Live action/Motion graphics HD video shorts (6-14 minutes) per year. Designed and created elements of multimedia campaigns to support convention and events, such as: HTML e-mails, websites, videos, animations, software mock ups, PowerPoint presentations, Flash/AIR web-based and desktop software, hardware AV systems design and assembly, documentation of setup and procedures. Coordinated with vendors and staff on location to facilitate event. Photography, video and Audio recording and archiving of event media. "Driving" live event media. Evaluate venue facilities and services.

Techniques used:Graphic design, leadership, communication, coordination, facilities and staff evaluation, set up design, audio visual hardware & systems, web design, web authoring, exhibit design, video production, video recording, audio recording, theatrical setting, timing, photography, event planning, project management, HTML e-mail authoring, website design

Role: Project Manager, script editor, web design, web development, PowerPoint presentation, PowerPoint design/animation, quality assurance, content validator, video producer,

Return On Investment: Improved presentation quality and impact at events and conventions, created more sales opportunities, adding to increased sales closures. Streamlined shareholder and corporate meeting planning, making events more professional, impactful experiences. Improved marketing effectiveness and improved communications. Increased company and product awareness in the marketplace.

Marketing Exhibit High Definition Video (Flash FLV web presentation):  Corporate overview video used in the exhibit booth
Marketing / Shareholders PowerPoint Slideshow (Flash web version): Adaptive Authentication Product Release PowerPoint Presentation

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