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Getting to Know Your Workspace - Play All

The Home Page
Get the most out of your customizable MLS Home page.

The Menu Bar
See how easy it is to access every feature in the MLS.

The Toolbar
Find out how the MLS Toolbar keeps the functions you need at your fingertips.

The Options Pane
Don't miss any of the useful features that are available in the Options pane.

The Basics of Searching - Play All

The Searches Menu
Explore the various searches that are available from the Searches menu.

Entering Criteria
Learn how to narrow down your search results and find just the properties you are looking for.

Viewing Listings
See how easy it is to view listings in different display formats.

Sorting Listings
Discover the many flexible ways you can sort listings.

Selecting Listings - Play All

Navigating Search Results
Become familiar with how listings are organized so that you can navigate with ease.

Using Check Boxes to Select Listings
Learn how to select just the listings that you want to work with.

Using the Options Pane to Select Listings
Discover how you can select all listings at once, and more!

Working with Listings - Play All

Toolbar Buttons
Learn about the powerful functions that are right at your fingertips.

Run a Report
See how easy it is to print listings in a wide variety of formats.

Email Listings
Find out how to quickly email listings from the MLS.

Map Listings
Get the most out of viewing listings on the interactive map.


Manage Pictures
See how easy it is to upload and manage pictures for your listings.

Customize the MLS - Play All

Customize Your One Line Grid
Learn how to add, remove and rearrange fields on the One Line Grid display format.

Set up Your Agent Profile
Make a great impression with your Agent Profile Page.

Specify Your Preferences
Discover how you can change many of the default settings in the MLS.