Natural History Museum of Los Angles County Dinosaur Hall Social Media Meet-Up

Check back here tomorrow for an update with photos 2011/07/08 Thursday: Tonight I have been invited to attend and cover the exclusive social media preview for the museum's new Dinosaur Hall! My plan is to be posting photos and commentary from the even to Friday morning. Tune in to for exciting photos of this new exhibit 8 days before the public opening on July 16!

The new exhibit has been 5 years in the making, is ~14,000 SqFt. The dinosaurs occupy's at least 2 large galleries in the 1913 and 1960's sections of the historic museum. The exhibit will be on 2 levels giving visitors multiple points of view and a look-em-in-the-eye perspective on these larger than life creatures! In addition to the 20 or so articulated dinosaur skeletons the halls' wall boxes and kiosks will be packed with numerous other specimens!

The galleries once again utilize the 1913 building's original east and south facing windows as well as several new, multi-story windows, in the latter building, to incorporate natural light and scenic views into the exhibit space. Yes Exposition Park has scenic views. Visitors will be able to see the park's rose garden, California Science Center the NHM Butterfly/Spider/Gardening Pavilion and LA Memorial Coliseum through the enormous skeletons. The halls had been artificially illuminated to protect artifacts in the previous Native American and History exhibits but modern advances in architecture and preservation technologies allow the hall to be naturally lit including an updated skylight system based on the beautiful, original 1913 skylight system that is also visible in the recently renovated Age of Mammals Hall and Rotunda Gallery which houses the "What on Earth" exhibit, the and a exposition of the works of the natural science illustrator Charles R. Knight who brought ancient species to life.

Updated with photos: 2011/07/08 

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