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Now available: This proven manager is also an experienced graphic designer, animator, photographer and web developer who has produced successful marcom, ui, crm, e-tail, e-learning, training, SaaS, print, web, video, interactive, and motion graphics products for over a decade.  With over five years of day in, day out management experience leading a team of creative professionals in a fast paced high demand environment creating a diverse range of products, he has what it takes to see your critical projects through to delivery, meeting every waypoint and surpassing every expectation.

Do you need someone who can coordinate a press check of the new brochure in the morning, schedule a con call critique of the new video spot after lunch with the sales team, and work with the SMEs to spec out the updates to the CRM portal before COB EDT? All while managing a creative team and keeping dozens of projects a month, on schedule, under budget, up to the requirements, while everything conveys the message and makes the company look its best. Then you are reading the right resume!


Multimedia, Graphic Design and Web Developer Consultant, June 2010 – March 2012
Neophyte Farms, Simi Valley CA 2010 – 2011, WildLIFE Associates, Half Moon Bay CA 2011-2012,

Consulted on the design development and information architecture of customers' websites. Hand coded HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3 and reverse engineered iWeb pages to update them without the authoring key. Hand Coded pages from scratch to match existing page design and code base. Authored custom and adapted existing JQuery JavaScript Library presentation modules, such as slideshow & video players, and navigation bars to meet customer's specific requirements. Planned detailed social media marketing strategy. Documented work and commented code to allow customer staff to maintain and update content as needed. Trained customer staff. Created a Drupal CMS on WAMP/MAMP/LAMP Windows, Mac or Linux stack.

Multimedia and Graphics Lead Developer & Department Manager, September 2002 – June 2010
Rapattoni Corporation, Simi Valley CA

Started as a contract multimedia developer, but soon tasked to recruit and supervise new in-house multimedia and product design divisions. In January 2005, hired as the manager and lead developer of new multimedia and graphics department. Managed, recruited, trained, and evaluated a busy team of up to 7 talented developers and designers. Scheduled regular production meetings with subject matter experts, talent, stakeholders, management and other work groups to ensure that deadlines were met. Established priorities, schedules and time lines for all projects. Provided regular detailed reports to the management team and project stakeholders.

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  • As Lead Designer and Developer, guided the design and technical direction of all projects. Provided technical advice, training, support and integration of 3rd party software and services, including Microsoft Office SharePoint, Visual SourceSafe & Visual Studio, Adobe Flash, AIR, Acrobat, Director/Shockwave, Magic, RightNow CX CP, Lithium Idealab, EPMlive WorkEngine, and Mercury ITG (now HP PPMC). In this role hand authored solutions using HTML, HTML5, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, CSS2, CSS3, YUI, JavaScript, AJAX using JS Libraries like JQuery, Cross-Browser Authoring, XML, PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, Flash ActionScript 1, 2, & 3 coding (AS), AIR (AS3), Director Lingo coding. Used Design tools like, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Dreamweaver, PageMaker, InDesign, PowerPoint, Gammadyne Mailer, FrameMaker, Flash & Director animation, Contribute, IOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) App design and Authoring & Icon Design. Other skills: HD, DVD, video recording and production, location and studio videography, recording and photography, Multimedia chroma-key studio and workspace design. Used MS Office and Google Apps for Business productivity suite, knowledge management.

  • Project Manager: Responsible for the full lifecycle (SDLC and ADDIE) of all Multimedia projects. Guided the research, development, design, writing, production, review/approval, implementation and maintenance of all department deliverables. Conducted regular content review and updates as required. Supported other departments and workgroups by developing custom productivity solutions and software integrations for them. Coordinated on projects with other departments using Waterfall, Agile, CMMI & Agile Scrum methodologies. Example: worked with MS SharePoint CMS/Intranet (Agile) & Business Processes (Waterfall) teams to develop a lightweight, fast loading, Adobe AIR app that interfaced with MS SharePoint DB quickly and accessed critical customer, company and product data faster than launching SharePoint in Internet Explorer. The AIR app saved the company dozens of staff hours per week, and had disaster recovery features that enabled us to maintain our customers during disaster incidents that disabled our SharePoint Intranet System. Documented, streamlined and verified multimedia procedures. Created checklists and included logging for error prone procedures. Saved hundreds of staff hours per year on common tasks and provided easier fault detection and resolution. Technologies used: SharePoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, Project, Gantt Charts, Agile Scrum, Burn-down Charts, Info graphic design, Agile, Waterfall, CMMI, Cross-Browser Authoring, RightNow CX CP, Lithium Idealab, EPMlive WorkEngine, and Mercury/HP ITG (now HP PPMC) Flash, AIR, HTML, HTML5, ASP.Net, XML, CSS3, CSS, cross-browser authoring, interpreting visual design, converting wireframes into code, Photoshop, and Illustrator.  See example...

  • Department Manager: Recruited, trained and supervised Multimedia and Design Staff. Evaluated staff member performance and recommended increases, bonuses, disciplinary, termination actions as appropriate. Tracked all multimedia and design projects and produced a weekly report to management team and bi-weekly report to upper management. Maintained an orderly, presentable, positive, productive, professional work environment. Technologies used: SharePoint, Word, Excel, Project, PowerPoint, Outlook, Entourage, RightNow CX CP, Lithium Idealab, EPMlive WorkEngine, and Mercury/HP ITG (now HP PPMC) Flash, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Personnel skills: leadership, strategic vision and tactical planning, mentor, trainer, creativity, positivity, empathy, determination, sys admin, problem solving, logic, bias towards action, project management, customer advocacy, critical review and cost value & ROI analysis. See case study...

  • Web-Based Product (B2B SaaS Applications) Designer, Developer: Redesigned web-based products to be more efficient, powerful, marketable, and user friendly. Worked directly with chief executive officer as well as engineering, architecture and sales teams to redesign the web-based products to gain a more completive position in the marketplace, increase product performance, decrease our operating and support costs, improve scalability, and enhance user experience. Updated & simplified navigation, designed new features and integrated JavaScript, CSS & CSS3, to leverage client side resources, improving performance and maintainability of our most profitable products. Streamlined Magic Template pages to improve performance and later integrated iFrames and eventually ASP pages as we migrated the web-based products to ASP.Net. Supervised the UI design team through 2 critical product redesigns and the development of 2 new products. Techniques used: Wireframe to mockup to code, UI, UX, Graphic Design, Photoshop, web graphics optimization, hand-coded HTML & CSS, collaborative design, critique/review process, in-meeting design updates, tight deadlines, cool under pressure, website performance optimization testing, Magic master & template pages, ASP & ASP.Net.

  • Web-Based Applications (B2B & B2C, CRM, Support, and User Forum) Developer: Modified the RightNow CX Customer Portal (RNCP) to support our unique business rules and rebrand to the “Rapattoni Support Center”. Hand coded the PHP RNCP to support our multi-tiered customer hierarchy. Using a combination of new hand coded, from scratch PHP pages calling customized hand coded control JavaScript ‘widgets’ and redesigned existing pages CSS in YUI format to meet wireframe & specifications. Re-flowed the entire RNCP to display custom reports unique to each customer based on roles unique to each customer and each individual user within each customer. Integrated customized suggested answers to question workflow. The CP went from 9% to over 20% call & e-mail deflection in the first year and continued to increase thru the end of 2010 to over 40% deflection. The modified CP is saving thousands of staff & customer man-hours per year, shortening issue resolution time and improving customer experience.  Technologies Used: Wireframe, business rules modeling, specification, RightNow CX, PHP,  JavaScript,  UI, UX, Graphic Design, Photoshop, web graphics optimization, hand-coded HTML & CSS, collaborative design, critique/review process, project management, business travel, 3rd party integration.  See case study...

  • Web Site Developer: Managed, designed, developed and maintained hundreds of unique customer product access websites, including the corporate public site, product support sites and between 120 and 300 unique, critical, customer access websites continually (probably over 600 mini-sites in all over the 8 years with the company).  Hand coded sites in HTML, DHTML, XHTML & HTML5, CSS & CSS3, for Cross-Browser Authoring. Functional features coded in PHP, iFrames, Flash AS, ASP, ASP.Net and Magic template pages. Coordinated with sales, IT and product implementation teams to optimize product rollouts, synchronize site live dates and validate DNS. Worked directly with customers on branding, graphic design and updates. Revised, implemented & enforced policies / procedures, for all hosted on-line media, domains and non-product design. Technologies used: HTML, HTML5, cross-browser authoring, XML, ASP.Net, ASP, iFrames, Flash AS, CSS2, CSS3, JavaScript, Excel, Word, Project, EPMlive, ITG, SharePoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, RightNow, project management. 

  • Web Based Training Media Manager: Developed a series of 1-4 minute, accessible web based training animated modules that improved user comprehension. Managed product lifecycle using ADDIE and SDLC. The training modules were developed to support and co-delivered with our Web-Based Products via custom integrated LMS feature that provided only the appropriate modules based on the users configuration, it even suggested critical training modules at the point of performance to support the user where they needed it most. These modules were largely screen capture movies using Camtasia, or Captivate with a voice over captured and edited in Audition or Sound Booth and packaged as FLV delivered in our custom branded dynamic Flash player system architecture we developed.  Improved web based training greatly decreased the number of support contacts and also decreased the number of costly customer on-site training events for existing customers. It also shortened and streamlined training events for new customers saving thousands of dollars in travel costs and hundreds of staff hours per year. Technologies used: HTML, HTML5, cross-browser authoring, XML, ASP.Net, ASP, iFrames, Screen Cap, Camtasia, Captivate, Audition, Premiere, After Effects, Flash, Cinema 4D Studio, CSS2, CSS3, JavaScript, performance capture, studio audio recording, script & editing, project management.

  • Web Based Marketing Media Manager: Supervised and co-developed a series of 4-6 minute, web based marketing animation modules focusing prospective customer attention on critical, high-value product features during vendor competitions contributing to winning several new accounts. Animated several original modules and updated all. Maintained a library of around a dozen modules, but created several dozen modules over my years there. Managed product lifecycle using ADDIE & SDLC. The marketing modules were also valuable for training and were integrated with our web-based products as a supplement to the online training and help systems via the included LMS feature that provided only the appropriate modules based on the users configuration. LMS suggested pertinent module at the point of performance to support the user when they needed it. These modules were animated in Flash using both vector graphics and screen recreations to increase performance, and raster graphics, and some 3D. Technologies used: HTML, HTML5, wire framing cross-browser authoring, XML, ASP.Net, ASP, iFrames, screen cap, Camtasia, Captivate, Audition, Premiere, After Effects, Flash, Cinema 4D Studio, CSS2, CSS3, JavaScript, performance capture, studio audio recording, script writing & editing, project management.  

  • Graphic Designer & Artist: Worked with CEO, marketing, sales and legal teams to standardize product branding and corporate identity across all presentation media. This improved our visibility in the marketplace, increased the perceived quality of our products and saved hundreds of staff hours per year. Maintained a large catalogue of print collateral. Conducted regular content reviews with marketing, sales teams, Subject Matter Experts ('SME's) and senior management. Updated graphic design as needed. Collateral products included one-sheet flyers, multi-page brochures, contract graphics pages and the company's annual custom holiday card sales brochure & marketing campaign mailer. Created and maintained a library of ready-to-use graphic art assets for other designers and document creators. Technologies used: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Director, Premiere, After Effects, SharePoint, AIR, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, YUI, and cross-browser design & authoring. 

  • Exhibits & Events Support: Provided and managed technical services & logistical support for regular live events, including off site events where I coordinated with venue staff and transportation vendors. Multimedia department provided audiovisual, lighting, video recording, photography and presentation graphic design & editing. Worked closely with marketing team to design convention exhibit, graphics & media. This included producing several (2-4) Live action/Motion graphics HD video shorts (6-14 minutes) per year.

Computer Based Training Specialist, August 2001- March 2002
MCA Engineers, Inc., Oxnard CA
Developed training software for United States Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force. Assigned lead on several behind schedule projects and completed them on schedule. Worked closely with subject matter experts and customers to assure quality. Ensured contractual and ISO standards compliance in packaging, archiving and web document access. Created Interactive Multimedia Workshop (IMW) software with Authorware, Flash animation & ActionScript. Hand Coded Company website and ISO compliant document repository, in HTML, DHTML, CSS and Tabular formatting as required, JavaScript, cross-browser authoring, ISO standards compliant web authoring and web based document access solution. QA tested various aircraft weapons Part Task Training (PTT) modules developed in ToolBook to NAV-Air Grey Book standards, worked with ToolBook developers to resolve issues.

Multi Media Artist, April 1997 - June 2000
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Los Angeles CA
Produced interactive exhibit software, interactive animations, videos and illustrations for museum programs, exhibits, publications, CD/DVD-ROMs, and websites. Worked with subject matter experts to develop new features. Designed, and maintained interactive video exhibit systems, incorporated legacy hardware with new systems. Technologies used: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Aldus/Adobe PageMaker, HyperCard, Macromedia/Adobe Director (w/Lingo OOP & Shockwave, JS Integration), Macromedia Extreme3D, Dreamweaver, SoundEdit16, Flash, Equilibrium Debabilizer, Apple QuickTime Pro, Macintosh OS desktop support, Microsoft Office, Windows OS, Elo Touch screen support, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, tabular formatting, cross browser web authoring, multi-platform CD-ROM authoring, 3D modeling & animation in Macromedia Extreme3D, on location video recording, editing, compression with various codec's and mechanical systems repair.

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  • Desktop/Kiosk Experience: Created a new educational software program to reinvent the Seamobile (a mobile educational research submersible simulator multiple-display experience) as a static desktop single-display experience. Assisted education outreach personnel in adding and updating content. Designed new user interface, vehicles, graphs, displays and environments. Created graphics and illustrations. Programmed games and activities. Shot and edited video. Modeled, rendered, composited 3D animated video. Managed entire software development, including staff and coordinating with other institutions. Authored with Director animation & Lingo Object Oriented Programming, multi-platform CD-ROM authoring, video production, recording, editing, compression, d-top codec.

  • Mobile Simulator Experience: Designed, developed, implemented new Seamobile mobile simulator (a mobile educational research submersible simulator multiple-display experience) computer system. Wrote custom programs to resolve integration issues between legacy Laserdisc players with new iMac computer hardware. Coordinated closely with outreach personnel to design, implement and maintain the system. Trained personnel and documented system. Managed implementation including, budget, procurement and installation timetables. Often maintained equipment in the field. Technologies used: Pioneer Laserdisc Controller, Director animation and Lingo OOP allowed integration of iMac USB with Pioneer LD RS-232C jack interface by hand coding a custom driver using AMIGA 7-line handshake, in reverse polish player strings. This in turn was run by the controller program I coded in Lingo executed by the user interactivity to run to appropriate video program on the Laserdisc to simulate the view out a porthole or video from a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). Director Animations and Lingo quizzing, interactivity included exercises in: physical marine navigation and radio triangulation, dichotomous key species identification matrix program with over a hundred species, engineering checklists, consumables tracking, cost value evaluations, real-time surveying, data analysis, hypothesis review and scenario projection. Maintained hardware equipment and mechanical systems repair, often in the field.

  • Web Based Exhibit: Worked with education specialists to present the Seamobile on the Web. Created an immersive online presentation using streaming Shockwave, Apple QuickTime and JavaScript. Modified Website for CD-ROM Delivery. HTML, DHTML, cross browser authoring, interactive Shockwave authored in Director animation & lingo with JavaScript integration, hand coded JavaScript, Shockwave interactivity & quizzing and QuickTime video delivery.

  • Other job responsibilities included graphic and T-shirt design. Provided desktop publishing, video production/editing and illustration support to the largest museum on the Pacific Rim. Lended a hand, assisting guests, supporting programs and generally helping out when needed. Techniques used: Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker, Mac OS9 & OSX desktop support, MS Windows desktop support, Netscape Web Server Admin, HTML, CSS, tabular formatting, cross browser compatibility, customer service, phone skills, interpersonal skills, cooperation, systems integration, exhibit design.

Multimedia Interactive Exhibit Software Developer, March 1997 – January 2005
Channel Islands National Park, Ventura CA
Designed Park Physical Exhibit and Interpretive Multimedia Software to National Park Service software authoring and ADA standards. Technologies used: Project management, exhibit design, content management, editing, Director animation and Lingo OOP, hand coded HTML, interactivity & navigation design, ADA standards, cross browser compatibility, Photoshop, Illustrator and MS Office.

Website Designer, March 1997 - October 1997
Channel Islands National Park, Ventura CA
Designed Park Website to National Park Service Web Authoring and ADA access standards. Technologies used: Hand coded HTML, graphics compression for web delivery, ADA Standards, tabular formatting, web design, information design, cross browser compatibility, Photoshop, Illustrator and MS Office.

Software Developer, September 1995 - June 1996
University of California Santa Cruz, Division of Humanities, Santa Cruz CA
Designed & developed proof of concept interactive multimedia software textbook for Foreign Language Department, Spanish Board. Technologies used: Project management, content management, editing, Director animation and Lingo OOP, HyperCard, Apple Media Tools, hand coded HTML, interactivity & navigation design, quizzing, audio interaction, text recognition, OTR, cross browser compatibility, Photoshop, Illustrator and MS Office.

Tech Crew Audio Visual Technician, September 1995 - June 1996
University of California Santa Cruz, Cowell College Student Services, Santa Cruz CA
Set up lights, AV & PA systems for college and theater events, insured facilities security and safety for events. Maintained facilities and equipment.

Bicycle Sales, Assembly & Repair Technician, July 1991 – August 1994
Matt's Cycling Center, Ventura CA
Assembled, sold new and repaired customer's bicycles. Managed repair tools & parts inventory and scheduled major repairs & overhauls. Cleaned & maintained facilities, worked with owners to streamline an ownership change.


University of California, Santa Cruz, Bachelor of Arts, Art, June 1996
Concentrations: Interactive Multimedia, Web, Software Design & Development; Natural Science Illustration
Technologies/Skills Learned: Electronic Publishing Interdisciplinary Curriculum, Computer Science, Hand coded HTML, web design, graphic design, interactivity design & authoring, multimedia design & authoring. Iconography, project management, content management, technical and scientific illustration, field illustration, scientific communication, video recording (studio & location) editing, compression for web, local delivery or broadcast, multi-platform CD-ROM authoring, Object Oriented Programming, FTP, Unix Web server remote admin, productivity suites & word processing, UNIX, e-mail, cross browser web authoring, information graphic design, electronic publishing, interdisciplinary team leadership & support, remote sensing and training curriculum development/e-learning.

Ventura College, Associate of Arts, Liberal Arts, June 1994

Professional Development

  • Brainbench Certified Photoshop CS5 Subject Matter Expert 2012
  • RightNow Developers Conference 2009, Summit 2009, Southern California User Group 2009 & 2010
  • National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) Member & attended training seminars annually last 8 years
  • online trainings PHP, HTML5, ActionScript
  • Object Oriented ActionScript with Colin Mook
  • Vise President of the Southern California Chapter of the Natural Science Illustrator's Guild
  • Member Digital Designers Los Angles

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