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Feature Spotlights

Explore the many powerful features of the Contacts/Prospects software.

Client Portal
See how easy it is to give your clients online access to manage their own prospect carts.

CMA Package
Find out how easy it is to create a complete CMA presentation for your clients.

See how statistics can help you spot trends and organize information for a variety of useful reports.

Map Listings with Parcel Mapping
Discover how advanced map technology combined with parcel data and listing information provides you with powerful MLS tools.

Saved Searches
See how to create and manage saved searches as well as the many benefits they provide.

PDA Access
Experience how the PDA interface can put real-time MLS information in the palm of your hand!

Reverse Prospecting
Find out how Reverse Prospecting can help you find buyers for your listings.

IDX Smart Framing
Find out why IDX is quickly becoming the most popular solution for providing a public search on your personal Web site.

Custom Listing Exports
Learn how to export listing data in virtually unlimited ways.

Custom Report Writer
See how to create your own customized report formats.